Dalmacija Ultra Trail

About Dalmacija Ultra Trail

At the rocky coast of southern Dalmatia, Dalmacija Ultra Trail has its fourth edition. October offers nice weather, sunny but not hot days and sea warm enough to take the last swim of the season. You can choose between three courses: 188 km, 54 km and 18 km – and each has some ITRA points.

All races finish at the main beach in Omiš and start at different locations in Dalmatia. Organizers provide a ride to the start of each race from Omiš, which is the main location of the event. What makes Dalmacija Ultra Trail unique is the combination of beautiful yet sometimes brutal terrain of mountains Kozjak, Mosor, Omiška Dinara and Biokovo, and view of the sea almost all the time.

Omiš is a small city with very long and rich history. Amazing mix of mountains, Cetina River and the Adriatic Sea will leave you speechless. Organizers are a local team and they put their souls into this event, so you can expect only the best atmosphere – and a tough race!

Technical info

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Bib pick-up
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Mountain DUT: Friday 18.10.2019, 22:00, ancient Salona
Sea DUT: Saturday 19.10.2019, 9:00, Makarska
Ethno DUT: Saturday 19.10.2019, 13:00, Dugi Rat

Course profiles
Mountain DUT: 118 km / +5160m / -5170m / GPX track
Sea DUT: 54 km / +2470m / -2470m / GPX track
Ethno DUT: 18 km / +820m / -820m / GPX track

Obligatory equipment
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Refreshment points
Mountain DUT: 10 (at 8.9 km, 20.2 km, 35.2 km, 47 km, 59.2 km, 66 km, 83 km, 93.3 km, 101.5 km and 110.5 km)
Sea DUT:  5 (at 10.3 km, 20.7 km, 28.7 km, 37.1 km and 46.1 km)
Ethno DUT: 2 (at 5 km and 10.5 km)

Time limits
Mountain DUT: 30 hours
Sea DUT: 13 hours
Ethno DUT: 5 hours 

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