Krka National Park – MTB Route 3


About Krka National Park MTB route 3

At beautiful Krka National Park there are several road, MTB and trekking cycling routes for cyclist of all abilities. The third MTB route is a circular route which covers 34.4 kilometers and climbs 730 meters.

The starting point of the MTB route 3 is the visitors center in Laškovica, from where it descends to the Roški Slap waterfall, and after that it climbs to the plateau and through the villages of Brištane and Ključ, leading to the lookout point of Ključica, with a view of the canyon of the Čikola River and the remains of the Ključica fortress. The route then goes through Drinovci village up to the Roški Slap waterfall and returns to the Laškovica visitors center.

The route is demanding at some points, so there is sometimes a need for extra caution. Signs along the route are blue with white arrows and “M – 3” marks. Here you can read some rules which need to be obeyed while cycling.

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