Krka National Park – Trekking Route 1


About Krka National Park trekking route 1

At beautiful Krka National Park there are several road, MTB and trekking cycling routes for cyclist of all abilities. The first trekking route is a out-and-back route which covers 11,4 kilometers and climbs 270 meters.

This is a short and sweet trekking route suitable for everyone who wants to try this kind of cycling, or for those who just want to enjoy a nice ride in the nature. It starts at Puljane Eco Campus, descends to the Brljan waterfall and its beautiful lake, and then turns north to Burnum – Roman military amphitheater from the 1st century.

Signs along the route are blue with white arrows and “T – 1” marks. Here you can read some rules which need to be obeyed while cycling.

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