Paklenica Trail


About Paklenica Trail

The astonishing combination of sea and mountains in Starigrad-Paklenica Riviera leaves everyone out of words. Paklenica Trail has its seventh edition starting from that small coastal town and it’s easy to fall in love with both the town and the race. You will climb from the sea level all the way up to the highest peak of mythical Velebit mountain.

This area is a national park – NP Paklenica, and it is famous for its natural beauties. Besides more than 150 marked hiking trails, NP Paklenica is also a home to one of the best European rock-climbing areas. You can choose between 14 km, 26 km and 47 km courses to run in this amazing area.

Technical info

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Location: Starigrad Paklenica
Red (47 km) at 7:00
Green (26 km) and Blue (14 km) at 9:00

Red, 47 km / +2700 m, gpx
Green, 26 km / +1300 m, gpx
Blue, 14 km / +400 m, gpx

Necessary equipment
Bib and race card
Mobile phone
ID card
First Aid kit
Min 0.5L of water
Appropriate apparel and running shoes

Timing & results