Risnjak Trail

About Risnjak Trail

Risnjak Trail is a trail race that will take you to the most beautiful parts of National Park Risnjakthe lungs of Croatia. Deep forests of Gorski kotar and its beautiful peaks are a nice refreshment in hot summer days. Risnjak Trail is a real forest trail suitable for all those who love rich green trees and roaming of rivers along its way.

You can choose between 30 and 16 km. Besides that, Crni Lug, the start and finish of the race, is just a short drive from the seaside. All that beautiful nature plus an outstanding organization by Ad Natura guarantees an amazing experience.

Technical info

Until 24.06.2019 at noon, here

Bib pick-up
Location: Crni Lug, NP Risnjak
Friday 05.07.3019, 19:00-21:00
Saturday 06.07.2019, 7:00-9:50

Location: Crni Lug, NP Risnjak
Saturday, 06.07.2019, 10:00 (both)

Risnjak: 30 km / +1500m, gpx
Ris: 16 km / +826m, gpx

Time limits
Risnjak: 8 hours
Ris: 5 hours

Will be published here upon the end of the race