Šibenik 10 K


About Šibenik 10 K

I bet you all heard about Dražen Petrović – one of the best European basketball players of all time. Dražen was born in Šibenik in 1964, and Šibenik 10 K race was born in 2016 in his honor. Alongside that main 10 K race, there is also a shorter one called Dražen’s 4 K – 4 as a number he wore on his Šibenka and Croatian national team jerseys.

The event is taking place in October, just around Dražen’s birthday, and in perfect conditions for racing. Add beautiful coastal city of Šibenik to the whole story and there is not much left to think – come and show the sport spirit as Dražen once used to.

Technical info 

Opening soon at utrka.com

Bib pick-up
Location: in front of Jadran hotel
Friday 18.10.2019, 15:00-20:00
Saturday 19.10.2019, 8:00-10:30

Location: in front Saint James Cathedral
10 K at 11:00
4 K at 12:30

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Timing & results