Valamar Trail

About Valamar Trail

From the organizers of the biggest Croatian trail race, 100 Miles of Istria, comes one more Istrian pearl – Valamar Trail. This race is, kind of, an autumnal and shorter version of it. The location is again beautiful Istria, with small coastal town of Rabac being the center of the event. You can choose from three courses: Green (11.2 km), Blue (35.1 km) and Red (61.1 km).

These courses will offer you everything from narrow single trails, coastering, deep forests, high mountain peaks, technical sections and panoramic views. Besides, finishing Blue or Red course will bring you ITRA and UTMB qualification points.

The town of Rabac is a well-known tourist location. By the middle of the 19th century, it was a small fishermen village with hardly ten houses. Due to the beautiful bay and splendid, tame surroundings, it soon attracted first visitors. In 1876, Richard Francis Burton, an English writer and a passionate traveler, was among the first tourists who stayed in Rabac. Having seen Rabac and other places on the Istrian coast, he wrote a book of the same title ‘The Istrian coast’, describing, among other things, the beauties and charm of Rabac.

Technical info

Until 13.09.2019, here

Bib pick-up
Friday 27.09.2019, 18:00-22:00
Saturday 28.09.2019, 7:00-10:45 

Saturday, 28.09.2019, Girandella Resort Rabac
Red @ 8:00
Blue @ 10:00
Green @ 11:00

Course profiles
Green: 11.2 km / + 440 m / – 440 m
Blue: 35.1 km / + 1160 m / – 1160 m
Red: 61.1 k / + 1990 m / – 1990 m 

Obligatory equipment
You can find the list of the obligatory and recommended equipment here 

Refreshment points
Green: 1 (at 6.7 km)
Blue: 3 (at 6.7 km, 13.4 km and 27.5 km)
Red: 6 (at 6.7 km, 13.4 km, 25.5 km, 33.5 km, 45.4 km and 53.5 km) 

Time limits
Green: 3 hours
Blue: 7 hours (cut off time of 3 hours at 13.4 km)
Red: 12 hours (cut off time of 5 hours at 25.5 km and 9 hours at 45.5 km) 


Friday 27.09.2019, 18:00-22:00
Saturday 28.09.2019, 7:00-18:00
At Girandella Resort Rabac