Varaždin New Year’s Eve race

About Varaždin New Year’s Eve race

For runners, there is no better way to start a year than running. And in Varaždin, a Baroque city in north Croatia, that tradition lives for more than 40 years – in midnight on 1st of January, the starting gun goes off. That makes the city one of the very few cities around the world that enter the year with running.

There are two course lengths – 3.2 km (one lap) for women and 6.4 km (two laps) for men. Of course, you can run whichever race you want not depending on sex, but prizes are awarded for women on 3.2 km course and for men on 6.4 km course. Speaking of prizes – they are very generous.


Technical info 

Possible until one hour before the race, or online at

Bib pick-up
Location: Kapucinski square
31.12.2019 from 21:00 to 23:00

Location: Kapucinski square
01.01.2020 at 00:00


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