Majstorska cesta by bicycle  

About Majstorska cesta by bicycle

Majstorska cesta is a historical road that was built to connect the coast with continental part of the country, over the Velebit mountain. It was constructed in beginning of the 19th century when maximal slope of the road could not exceed 5%. In 2007 it was placed on Croatian cultural heritage list.

It is a great way for cyclists to escape the traffic and find tranquility. It is open for motorised traffic, but only a few hikers on their way to nearby peaks use it.

The road connects village of Sv. Rok on the inland and small town of Obrovac near the sea. Doing the route out and back is a very hard ride and should be attempted only by those with high fitness levels. To have time to enjoy the road and the surroundings we recommend climbing and descending on the same side, or alternatively to return to starting point by car.

The highest point of the road is Mali Alan pass. The continental and mediterranean climate meet here and the weather is very unstable. Note that there are no open lodges on the route. Make sure to carry enough water, food and weatherproof clothing to be safe and able to complete your ride safely.

Best time to climb: Late spring (April and May) and early autumn (September and October). Winters can be very harsh here with lots of snowfall. During summer the climb can be used to escape the heat, but make sure to pack enough water and sunscreen as on the sea facing side there is no shade.

Near the Mali Alan pass you can enjoy the view of Tulove Grede, an impressive rock formation that rises steeply, and has inspired many folk tales about dragons and fairies. Also near the top there are somber reminders of Croatian independence war. There are several memorials for the fallen soldiers as well as signs indicating areas that have not been completely cleared of landmines. The signs are visible and clear, and these dangerous areas are generally inaccessible.