Explore Poreč with SightRun application

Tourist Board Poreč presented a new tourist activity SightRun – audio guided running tours designed for the active tourists visiting Poreč.


The Mayor of Poreč, Loris Peršurić and the director of the Tourist Board Poreč, Nenad Velenik, held a press conference to present the SightRun audio guided running tours as a new tourist attraction for the visitors of Poreč. Toni Hrvatin, who is the destination product development manager at Valamar, as well as Goran Vrus, assistant director of the sports sector Plava Laguna, and Sandra Bortek, chief marketing officer at SightRun, attended the press conference and addressed the media.

There are five running tours available to the visitors of Poreč who enjoy running. All tours are between 9 and 9.6km long. Poreč City Tour – north and Poreč City Tour – south start in front of The City Hall. The promotion of Poreč as a running destination is also very well accepted by Valamar and Plava Laguna, which enables their guests to start the tours in front of the hotel entrance. Valamar Borik Tour starts in front of the Valamar Zagreb Hotel, while Valamar Diamant Tour starts in front of the Valamar Diamant Hotel, as well as Plava Laguna Run whose starting location is in front of the hotel Molindrio Plava Laguna. All tours are available in Croatian and English and are free for all users.

Poreč wants to be a smart city, and the new generations of tourists are tied to their mobile devices. Therefore we are pleased that this mobile application provides a new and exciting offer for the tourists. I’m glad that our city will have this kind of opportunity because among the many tourists who come to our city a large number of them are runners, either recreationists, or running professionals. They will surely take advantage of this application. Our SightRun tour is just an introduction to everything that a visitor expects in Poreč. The goal is to make the user interested in the further use of other available content and services. We will continue to offer smart city solutions to our visitors and citizens, which a new generation of tourists need and seek. One of them will soon be launched; it will be aimed towards people with disabilities to find useful information as easily as possible.” – said Loris Peršurić, the mayor of Poreč.

“We are proud of the results achieved thus far and are aware of the fact that we cannot stop the development of tourism. We are actively planning a five-year development initiative which will realize our vision of becoming a leading Croatian destination for family and active vacation, which, in addition to sun and sea experiences, will offer a wide range of sports and recreational activities to our visitors. By introducing the SightRun application, we are investing in the infrastructure, which will raise the ambient value and will improve the guest experience, and our destination will be branded runner-friendly.  The slogan of our visual identity „You complete us“  speaks in favor of great enthusiasm of all involved in the tourist offer to give our guests unforgettable moments in Poreč” – said the director of the Tourist Board Poreč, Nenad Velenik.

Toni Hrvatin, the destination product development manager at Valamar noted: „Valamar actively invests in the development of the sports infrastructure. We consider that it is necessary to invest in the development of a running segment that is globally followed, and it is a rapidly growing trend “, and added: “The SightRun application is an excellent example of an innovative tourist offering for tourists and locals. The application tours cover and present all of the beauty of Poreč, so we are delighted that together with our destination partners in Poreč we can support the development of this project.”

Goran Vrus, assistant director of the sports sector operations at Plava Laguna added: “In Plava Laguna we are aware of the growing popularity of running as a sport and as a way of recreation. For several years now, we have been the hosts of the successful Plava Laguna Half Marathon and this year we have brought Plava Laguna Triathlon 5150, IRONKIDS and Iron Girl races to Poreč for the first time. That’s exactly where Blue Laguna is complementing its offer with a guided running tours for all visitors that don’t want to give up their favorite activity.”, and added: “Tourists rely on their mobile devices to collect information during and after a trip, so it is important to recognize their needs and provide them with innovative content and unforgettable experiences through their favorite media, available at any time.“

“We are exceptionally pleased that Poreč joined the Runner Friendly destinations we support through the SightRun application. Such co-operation not only contributes to the development of the destination but also together we build a picture that technological solutions can be innovative in tourism. I believe that Croatian startup scene can offer even more interesting solutions from which all involved in tourism can benefit.” – stated Sandra Bortek, the marketing director of SightRun.


SightRun is a free mobile application that connects running and sightseeing. It uses a GPS navigation system to navigate and activate audio tracks that give the user interesting information about the city, no matter how fast or slow the user is moving. To use this app, only earphones are required, and you don’t need to look at the mobile device during use, giving you complete freedom of movement and enjoyment in running and sightseeing.

The SightRun application is available for free on Google Play and in the App Store.

Google Play: http://bit.ly/SRonGP
App Store: http://bit.ly/iOS_SightRun

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