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Some seven years ago, I gathered a small, dynamic group of writers, photographers, videographers… We had few things in common – we all loved and practiced recreational sports, we were all runners, cyclists or triathletes. Another thing that we had in common is that we wanted to change the way our sports are presented in the media. So, we founded 3sporta.com website.


Fast forward to present day, 3sporta.com is the leading Croatian website dedicated to endurance sports. We follow almost every major running race, since running is the most popular recreational endurance sport in Croatia. We are partners with dozens of race organizers, runners, sponsors. With our articles, photos, and videos we spread the news and strengthen the movement.

When I think about our journey, the first thing that comes in mind is – Croatia was very different seven years ago. We had only a handful of well-organized races, running movement was just starting and getting momentum. Oh, how we evolved since then


Paradigm shift

In parallel with “active” movement growth, our tourism changed as well. We realized that the tourists coming to Croatia want more than just beautiful beaches and sun in those three summer months. They want to move, run, cycle, they want to experience an adventure, to collect memories for the rest of they’re lives.

So, we decided to start another project, the one you are looking at right now – Active in Croatia!


Our goal

Our goal is to present all the best that Croatia has to offer in the active-lifestyle domain. We want to be your portal to the information that active visitor to Croatia seeks. And believe me, Croatia has so much to offer!

Join us on this journey we just started, follow Active in Croatia on Facebook and Instagram, and be prepared for all the beauty and emotions of active Croatia.

Feel free to contact us by any means you prefer – e-mail, Facebook message, Instagram dm, phone, pigeon post or even smoke signals. 🙂

We look forward to hearing from you!

By Zvonimir Mikašek
Active in Croatia, editor

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