Hannah Grant: Why I’m running Dubrovnik Half Marathon for the 5th time

Lots of runners come to run in Dubrovnik from all over the world, enjoy the experience and then decide to repeat it in the following years. Some of them are with us from the very beginning, the first Dubrovnik Half Marathon held in 2015. We talked to one of them to find out what so appealing about Dubrovnik. Five questions for the first five years of Du Motion… Meet Hannah Grant!


For a start, tell us a bit about yourself. When and why did you start running?

HG: Running has always been a passion of mine! At junior school, I was in the school cross-country team and have memories of getting up early to train accompanied by mum on her bike! During my university years, and later when I moved to London for my first job, my runs were less frequent but still something I got a lot of pleasure from. It was only when I moved to Brussels that I got a little more regular and serious, joining a running club and competing in local competitions. Now living in Switzerland and frequently traveling for work, running remains an essential part of my life. I have explored so many amazing places and met so many interesting people I hope it’s a passion that I will be able to keep with me for life!


You ran on every Du Motion so far. What is so appealing about Dubrovnik?

HG: Yes, this year’s Dubrovnik Half Marathon will be my 5th!! It’s a great race. I love the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the great support and music on the course, as well as starting and finishing in Dubrovnik’s iconic old town. Also, great to be able to dip in the sea for a post-race ‘cool-down’!


How do you like runners’ packages? Is there anything you still haven’t experienced in the city?

HG: The runners’ package provides a great excuse to visit some of Dubrovnik’s top spots!!! The tour of the walls with the views down over the Adriatic and all the red roofs have to be my favorite. Quite a test on the legs though if done just after finishing the race!! Also, great to explore some of the spots made famous by ‘Game of Thrones’ including Lokrum island. Since buying my house in Montenegro 13 years ago, I have visited Dubrovnik many times. However, I still haven’t done the trip in the cable cart to the top of the hill behind the old city. Maybe that is something for me in 2019!


Du Motion Runners’ Days Dubrovnik info


What’s your favorite Du Motion moment?

HG: Hmmm… tricky! Each year holds different but fond memories as well as some less fond ones of the hill coming back towards the old town…  I guess finishing fourth lady my first year was probably the biggest highlight!


Your message for all those considering to come and run in Dubrovnik?

HG: Just do it! Great excuse to visit the world-famous red roofs of Dubrovnik while being able to justify eating as much ice cream as you can guilt free…

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